NFT Marketing Service

The rise of new technological concepts like metaverse and web3.0 has brought us to an era full of new business opportunities. The prevalence of NFT has further disrupted the way many traditional businesses work while bringing in more possibilities. While big brands are already spending millions in the NFT world for branding and marketing, the complexity of the NFT market should not be overlooked. Professional team support is always the cornerstone for any successful NFT project.

Over the years, MediaOnAsia specializes in different marketing and promotion strategies. Our expertise guarantees an all-rounded NFT marketing service that covers everything from project planning, development, marketing to implementation. MediaOnAsia provides one-stop services to help customers create their exclusive NFT solutions.

OpenSea was the first platform to bring NFT trading into the mainstream and has over 1 million users. The marketplace is built on the Ethereum blockchain and offers different NFT types such as artwork, Domain Names, in-game items, etc.

SuperRare is an NFT platform for professional and well-known artists. If you want to sell your artwork on SuperRare, you must submit your artwork and personal information to them for review. In addition, all transactions are conducted using Ethereum. provides different categories of NFT such as art, celebrities, games, sports, music, etc. It has collaborated with many famous people, such as Snoop Dogg and Boy George. Also, there is no transaction fee for buying NFTs through

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Five Service Scope

Project Planning

A successful NFT project must consist of clear goals and directions. MediaOnAsia will create for you a clear and feasible Roadmap according to market research, data analysis and your brand content, so that you can be well-prepared before starting your NFT project.


MediaOnAsia's professional team is your one-stop solution for NFT technical problems, including designing, manufacturing and listing NFT, designing websites and developing smart contracts, as well as the management and maintenance of each platform after listing, so that you don't have to worry about the technical parts of your projects.

Graphic Design

MediaOnAsia's design team will create tailor-made NFTs according to your needs. Whether they are in PIXEL or 2D pictures, we promise that the NFT we make can highlight the uniqueness of the brand.

Marketing Campaigns

MediaOnAsia will help your brand customize your NFT marketing plan with a mixture of different services such as influencer marketing, online advertising, website events, and building  and managing community groups on different platforms, including Discord, IG, Twitter and Telegram, on which different promotional activities, copywriting content and small games, etc. will be used to motivate your target customers to participate in your NFT project.


MediaOnAsia provides consulting services. Our experienced team is willing to answer all your questions ranging from what is NFT, blockchain and other web3.0-related concepts to how to use NFT to build brand image and foster business development.

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