Metaverse is a blockchain-based virtual world that is designed with an immersive experience. People can use their Avatar to earn profits and build meaningful relationships across borders. Through Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and other technologies to freely explore and interact in the virtual world, such as buying and selling, socializing, conferences, entertainment, fashion shows, etc. You can do anything in the Metaverse.

2 Major Platforms

The Sandbox is a blockchain-based game and virtual world. You can sell, buy or trade on virtual land. The ETH blockchain is the foundation of Sandbox. The Sandbox becomes popular because it is stable and secure. Also, Sandbox has created its own Ethereum-based token – SAND, which allows investors to pay for gas on the Ethereum network.

Decentraland was one of the first Metaverse platforms to provide a viable proof-of-concept for the Metaverse platform. The company launched its Metaverse platform to the public in 2020 and has seen a huge increase in popularity. In addition, Decentraland is a VR space where users can create content, interact with each other, and earn money.

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Five Service Scope

PR and Marketing Campaigns

MediaOnAsia will help your brand customize your Metaverse marketing plan with a mixture of different services such as influencer marketing, online advertising, website events, and building and managing community groups on different platforms, including Discord, IG, Twitter and Telegram, on which different promotional activities, copywriting content and small games, etc. It will be used to motivate your target customers to participate in your Metaverse project.

Searching for Potential Land

A successful Metaverse project must have a good piece of virtual land. MediaOnAsia will search for suitable land for your brand according to market research and data analysis so that you can invest in a piece of long-term development before starting to enter Metaverse.

Land Planning

MediaOnAsia’s design team will design a tailor-made Metaverse for you according to your needs. We use professional technology to help you design Metaverse’s community facilities and environments, such as The Sandbox’s VoxEdit and Game Maker to design the decorations of land, interactive objects, game design, non-player characters (NPCs), character rigs, etc. To give your clients an amazing experience when they enter your Metaverse.

Metaverse Event

In addition to a complete community facility and environment, there need some fun activities to attract your clients to your Metaverse. MediaOnAsia will design different events for you, such as concerts, fashion shows, adventure missions, etc. So that your clients can learn more about the new concept of the brand. Also, you can increase your brand image and build a good relationship with your clients through these events.


MediaOnAsia provides consulting services. Our experienced team is willing to answer all your questions ranging from what is Metaverse, blockchain and other web3.0-related concepts to how to use Metaverse to build brand image and foster business development.

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