KOL Marketing

To build word of mouth for your brand, you can use KOL marketing strategies to promote your products or services using their respective areas of expertise. And what consumers trust comes from their personal experience, such as how they feel after trial and how they are in use.

In the KOL marketing strategy, there are celebrities, key opinion leaders KOL, key opinion consumers KOC, HK mommies KOL, and other categories. At the same time, MediaOnAsia, through membership activities, content marketing, video production, and forum seeding, helps brands find suitable products, provide suggestions, and connect with micro-influencers and KOLs/KOCs, as well as create content and activities to put them on the right target markets.

3 Benefits

01 Improve brand reputation

01 Improve brand reputation

Use KOL marketing to enhance the trust of the target audience in the brand through their personal experience, trial experience, and other real behaviors.

02 Raise popularity of brand

02 Raise popularity of brand

Make use of celebrities in KOL marketing, KOLs, KOCs, membership activities, and forum seeding to increase brand awareness among target audiences.

03 Can focus on attracting the target audience

03 Can focus on attracting the target audience

By choosing the correct KOL/KOC, you can have like-minded followers.

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The Spark Of Cooperation


Celebrity effect, because the appearance of celebrity usually attracts attention and strengthens things, so brands like to find celebrity endorsements to stimulate consumers’ desire to buy. At the same time, with the help of celebrity celebrities, it can drive the exposure and communication rate of the brand, and make the brand known faster. Using celebrities to endorse the brand can also give the brand a trendy, trustworthy image. Let the public’s goodwill and trust in celebrity stars be transferred to the brand or product. MediaOnAsia provides customers with one-stop solutions, from matching KOC, copywriting, and arranging publishing activities and follow-up services.

KOL (Key Opinion Leaders)

KOLs are usually defined as leaders with more and more accurate product information. A person who is accepted or trusted by the relevant fan base has a greater influence on the purchase behavior of the fan base. KOL has stronger social skills and interpersonal communication skills, and actively participates in various activities, which has a strong appeal. With they are more willing to give priority to new products or services and are early adopters of new products or services. MediaOnAsia provides customers with one-stop solutions, from matching KOC, copywriting, and arranging publishing activities and follow-up services.

KOC (Key Opinion Consumers)

KOCs are consumers themselves, and most of the content they share is based on personal experience; because they are closer to consumers, they pay more attention to interaction with fans, so KOCs and fans have formed a more trusting relationship. Although their content and copywriting are not refined, and sometimes even rough, they are more trustworthy because of their authenticity. They are consumers with characteristics such as “truth and trust”. MediaOnAsia provides customers with one-stop solutions, from matching KOC, copywriting, and arranging publishing activities and follow-up services.

HK Mommies KOL

“Mommies” play an important role in the family, including decision-makers. Please don’t underestimate the power of “Mommies Group”, the persuasive power of products shared by “Mommy” may be stronger and stronger than KOLs. Because they all have personal experience, the brand is built on this kind of persuasion and trust, which makes it easier to promote your brand and products and bring them into the house. MediaOnAsia provides customers with one-stop solutions, from matching, copywriting, and arranging publishing activities and follow-up services.

Member Activities

MediaOnAsia provides regular member promotions, holds lectures, workshops, and other member activities; promotes brands to specific target audiences for customers. If you want to know more about your brand from a specific target audience, we also provide a survey service to give marketers a better grasp of the market situation.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is to collect and analyze data to find out the preferences and habits of potential customers, so as to edit the content according to one or several preferences so that people who browse will think that if they buy your services and products, they will highlight themselves. The taste of the people also increases the demand for services and products. This brings together a group of potential customers with similar needs. MediaOnAsia has a copywriting team to serve clients.

Video Production

Video is the perfect way to create a personality for your company and your brand, enabling you to connect with your viewer and earn their trust. MediaOnAsia has a professional cut and viral ideas for video marketing.

Forum Seeding

Forum seeding uses forums, a platform for network communication, to publish information about the brand’s products or services through text, pictures, videos, etc., so that target customers can have a deeper understanding of the brand. Ultimately, brand promotion is a digital marketing activity that deepens the market’s brand awareness. Since the forum topic is public, effective brand promotion can be achieved through forum communication. MediaOnAsia provides customers with one-stop services, from planning, writing, and publishing forum posts to monitoring forum conditions.

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