By 2017, Tencent’s WeChat had over 900 million monthly active users, closing in on 1 billion users, which is the most popular social media in China.

WeChat has lots of different features to advertise, including Moments. About 61 percent of WeChat users access WeChat Moments every day. Besides, mini site, e-shop, payment and games are also other examples of WeChat activities.

What We Do


China Marketing is not an easy task when it comes to drive performance. As a Wechat advertising agency, our team will monitor daily performance and offer tailor-made reports with suggestions for each customer monthly.


We tailor-made a plan based on each clients need, from locations to platforms, we will only choose the best for you.


Since marketing in China is a whole different ball game, our wechat advertising team will share updated advices and information for our clients to improve the campaign performance.

Our services include:


Choosing the right account to register is the first step and the most important step in WeChat Marketing. A WeChat advertising agency can still help you out no matter you are with or without a Chinese BR. Our team in China is full of experience in handling overseas clients who want to enter China Market.


We create content in different format including text, images and videos which suits your brand image and needs.


Based on your products and services nature, we will pick the most suitable KOLs from China to review your products, create contents on their WeChat or others platforms (Weibo, Live-Streaming, blog etc.)


WeChat Banner Ad appears at the bottom of official account articles, it can be promoted for a specific Campaign app or even the WeChat official account.


Besides Wechat, we can promote your brand across the tencent network such as QQ, QQ music, Tencent Apps and more.


Increase Your Brand Recognition in China

WeChat is the most popular social media platform in China, implementing a well planned WeChat strategy will greatly increase your brand recognition since you will be engaging with a broad audience of consumers.

Multiple Options

We tailor-made our service plan based on the customers’ requirement and demands. We provide a great varieties of WeChat marketing plans for your needs.

One Stop Solution

As a WeChat advertising agency, we have branch in China with over 40 people and they are all expertise in providing professional services for clients outside Mainland China.

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