January 30, 2018 mediaonasia

Why you need to put Native Advertising into your Digital Marketing plan

Native ad is focusing on contents creation as a soft angle selling ad format.
As mobile native formats have become the trend in 2016 and 2017. We believe in 2018 the trend will continue, expecting double in the next few years!

According to Native Ad Institute, Native Advertising has grown steadily in use by B2B marketers (90% say that Native is important or very important to their company).

What is the benefit of going Native?

Good for Startups
Even the smallest of companies can take advantage of Native Ad, we could help you to setup a native ad campaign with customized contents and target audience within your limited budget.

Precise targeting
Customized targeting enabled by native advertising provides a better ROI than other types of traditional digital advertising tactics.

High Transparency
Native ads are transparent because they are labelled as ads so that users know what they are, maintaining an honest relationship with your audience.

Trend in 2018
1.Video ads will become more important
2. Mobile Native ad platform comes first
3. Sponsored content will be the fastest-growing micro-segment

MediaonAsia can ensure your ad will not only fits into its surroundings but also offers the user exactly what they want, at the right time.