What is Soda Insight?

It is combining with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and data science, Soda Insight discovers value and insights from online data, with our rich experience in natural language processing, text mining, data analysis and survey research. Listening is just as important as sharing on online media.

Our social media monitoring and listening platform offers social listening, media monitoring, data processing, public opinion analysis and more. With over 10 years of experience on Cantonese and English contextual analysis and our proprietary Big Data engine, our platform can process and analyze billions of online data and conversations to gain accurate insights related to consumer sentiment, brand health, and your competition.

Soda Insight covers over 99% of media including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Telegram, Twitter, Forums, Blogs, News media and all the platforms in Hong Kong, Greater China and Macau. The job of a marketer, public relations, communication and enterprise is never ended, that’s why Soda Insight focuses on helping you to develop digital strategy and marketing performance.

What We Do

Insights & Monitoring

    • Real-time Insights
    • Brand Monitoring
    • Media Monitoring
    • Keyword/Topic Monitoring


      • Sentiment Analysis
      • Social Media Analysis
      • Historical Analysis
      • Industry Analysis
      • Campaign Analysis

Tracking & Reporting

        • Hashtag & Conversation Tracking
        • Influencer Marketing
        • Customer Experiences
        • Crisis Management
        • Instant Alerts
        • Emerging Trends
        • Reporting

Our Edges

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Our Features

Media Monitoring

Media Monitoring made easy. We provide media monitoring and analysis across all online platforms in China and Hong Kong. We are monitoring over million pieces of content everyday to track the success of their news releases, to find information about competitors and specific issues relevant to the organization, to benchmark performance against competitors, to manage corporate or brand reputation, to gather industry intelligence, to better understand the strengths and weaknesses of corporate communications, to identify new business opportunities, and other purposes.

Social Listening

Social Listening made easy. Our social listening product lets you monitor, research and analyze content across the entire social platforms as well as social media, KOL (Influencers), forum, blog, telegram real-time and historical access to over years of social engagement and conversations to access key insights about your brand, industry, competitors or any other topics that may be of interest to your business.

Crisis Management

With our Notifications and Alerts Module, Soda Insight helps Marketer and PR to monitor and detect potential crisis and response immediately. Instant notifications to be alerted can track on many elements such as social engagement, comment and specific keywords, etc.

          • Emotion Analysis
          • Sensitive Keywords Detection
          • Instant Alert for precaution

Sentiment and Mention Analysis

From our mention and sentiment (positive & negative), you can get a better understanding of customer attitudes & identify problems requiring immediate actions. Sentiment and mention can get a better understanding and insights about your customers.

Who Needs Soda Insight?

            • PR & Communication
            • Brand Marketers
            • Digital Agencie
            • Enterprise

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