Mediaon can help you put the spotlight on your products by developing and executing a campaign strategy that is optimized to increase conversions while driving down your cost per conversion. We take over full management of your product listing ads, and combine our experience with industry best practices to maximize your results and increase sales.

What We Do

Campaign Setup

To well organize the shopping ads account, firstly, pull out high-level product groupings into their own campaigns by product brands and categories. Secondly, set the segment for these campaigns by specific query groupings, to nail profit goals based on personal intent.


“It is a feed-based products are beginning to appear all over. Add landing page to e-commerce product site can increase your website traffic.


Optimize your setting, mining search terms query report is very important. Use custom saved filters in the adwords UI for automated-like manual bidding. Meanwhile, adwords income targeting is an option within demographic target and gives savvy advertisers the ability to adjust bid levels based on people they identify as living within a certain geographical area grouped by income.

Our services include:

  • Set up a Google Merchant Center account
  • Set up a Google Shopping Ads account
  • Data Feed Setup
  • Remarketing Campaigns Setup Optimization
  • Target & Schedule Your Shopping Campaign
  • In-depth Monthly Reporting

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Increase Your ROI

By using Shopping ads, you can improve your CTR and decrease your CPC. 

Better Qualified Traffic

People who are going to click on your Shopping ads have a way stronger intent to buy.

Promote Your Online Store

Shopping ads expand your product impressions and the number of potential customers exponentially!

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