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Strategic Facebook Marketing Agency in Hong Kong - Any company's first line of online marketing defense is a Facebook page. And with that being said, we can bet anything you want when we say your first online marketing attempt was on Facebook too. Be it your company, your idea, or yourself; Facebook caters to everybody.

However, the most powerful tool yet by Facebook is, of course, their ad service. A Facebook ad is believed to generate more customers nowadays than a thoroughly professional television commercial. The sole reason behind this being the massive outreach that a Facebook ad brings.

We at MediaonAsia are a professional Facebook marketing agency that offers well-managed, strategic, and result-oriented advertising solutions to your brand, be it a startup or a well-established one. Our end goal is to increase your brand recognition and campaign conversion rate.Our main strategy thrives on three words, namely Performance, Analysis, and Insights. Let us give you a run through of each for you to better understand our approach to ensuring that a Facebook ad works out for you and your brand.

Performance Driven Facebook marketing agency Many times very well-built marketing strategies have failed because they failed to capitalize on their performance, or simply failed to look at performance trends to learn from their own mistakes. At MediaonAsia, we don't make these mistakes. We believe in learning from everyone's mistakes early on to make sure none of them become a part of ours.

Our strategists study Facebook ad trends all over the world to devise clear plans on what to do and what not to do. This in turn not only helps us treat each brand differently, and according to its needs, it also lets us provide a fully personalized experience to every single client of ours.

Analysis The analysis is the backbone of every marketing strategy. And it would be highly unprofessional not to make use of analytics especially given the fact that a Facebook ad has its own set of highly sharp tools that let not just us, but yourself analyze whether the market strategy you decided to opt for is working out or is just a hoax.

Our proficient team is always ready with a target and planning analysis on each campaign being run by us so that we are constantly aware of which decisions affect our campaign in which way. In addition to that, weekly and monthly reviews of the performance trends help ensure that work indeed is in perfect condition.

Insights Any campaign’s end goal is earning revenue. And nobody understands that better than us. For this specific reason, we at MediaonAsia are constantly glued to all the performance reports and data analysis with regards to your Facebook ad. An advertisement performing good is the ultimate satisfaction for us. All the related insights, reports, graphs, and charts are what we keep compiling to assure you your business is indeed booming and safe with our marketing strategies.

Waiting for what now? Place your Facebook ad today, but let us manage it the expert way so that it does not just reach your audience, they make use of it too.