Conversion & Analytics

Conversion & Analytics

Analytics and Insights are inseparable and data is more or less useless without analytics. Analytics is the discovery of patterns and trends gleaned from the data and insights gained through analytics are incredibly powerful. It can be used to grow your business while identifying areas of opportunity.

Our experts are not just good at playing with data and numbers. We are also well trained in seeing opportunities for revenue and are always looking for new ways to turn data into opportunity. Beyond traditional web analytics, we provide a detailed insight across all of your paid, earned and owned media to inform you on what’s working, what’s not and how certain elements will/can help you achieve your target.

"Without good analytics, 90% of online marketing campaigns fail."

What we OFFER:

Fuel optimizations with insights


Tracking Integrations

Direct Publisher Management

Optimisation Tools

Benefits to you

Understand Your Customers

As an online retailer, understanding your customer is vitally important. You have to know who they are and what they want in order to be able to stock the products that they want or need, but also to market to them effectively.

Increases Website Profits

This is one of the most major advantages of conversion optimization. Even just a slight improvement in your conversion rate can lead to a massive improvement in your profits.

Lower Acquisition Costs

If you are in desperate need of some funds for a social media marketing campaigns or PPC, upping your conversion rate first is a great way to free up some money for that. When you optimize your site, all traffic coming from other campaigns will surely improve as well.

Actionable Insights

With the help of analytics and insightful reports, you will be able to determine if your digital marketing strategy is on track or not.



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