Why Programmatic becoming the trend?

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What is Programmatic?
Digital Marketing is not longer about predication and exaggeration, the current emerging trend is programmatic buying–data-based, highly targeted, automatic ad buys and placements–and marketers are start working into it now.

In the info-graphic, US Programmatic Display and Video Market Penetration are ready holding the marketing share for more than 50%, and looking forward to have more than a half market share in 2017.

Apac Programmatic Trend

Even though programmatic is not as well known as US in Asia Pacific, they are emerging to the trend in these two years too according to the infographic below. Hong Kong may not be the top engaging place among APAC, it has still a 200% growth in 2 years.

Apac Trend

We are all up for Programmatic, are you ready to join the family?

Source from BrightRoll