Tips of using Programmatic Buying for Retail Marketers

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Tips of using Programmatic Buying for Retail Marketers

For retails aiming to reach today’s multi-channel consumers with consistent messaging across channels, programmatic marketing can help. And based on recent research, those using programmatic are happy with the results.

How Programmatic technology works

Programmatic technology organizes a retailer’s data, as well as 2nd and 3rd party data, and layers that data on top of digital media buys for increased targeting capabilities. By housing all of that data within one centralized campaign management tool, retailers have access to learning that serve to improve media across all channels, better inform their messaging strategies, identify the best co-op partner prospects, and so on.

Programmatic technology doesn’t just provide rich insight as to how campaigns perform; it also provides a full breakout of every dollar spent in the system. Advertisers only pay what the impression is worth to them specifically.

Retail brands can accurately assess the safety and appropriateness of websites to avoid fraud or disparaging a brand’s image in the eyes of customer. Additionally, programmatic media buying technology places the retailer in control of their data and how it’s used.  Transparency, as it relates to both data sources and publishers sites, offered by a programmatic platform means that retailers have a deep understanding, and ultimately better control of their brand’s presence online.

Your competitors are already doing it

If retail marketers are on the fence about embracing programmatic buying, they need to remember this. Their competitors are already doing it and planning on investing even more in the technology.