Benefits of Facebook e-shop and Facebook ad

* Help companies increase performance
Setup Facebook e-hop, you can use Facebook to create new business opportunities, reach target audience through different channels, and increase their purchase possibilities.

* Get closer with your consumers
Facebook can enable consumers to contact sellers directly by using messenger, video chats, and voice calls. Consumers can also comment at the posts. It helps to get closer with your consumers and build brand image

* More accurate analysis
Facebook provides on-site analysis and reporting functions to accurately understand consumers’ behavior on the page. Thus, merchants will know where are consumers from, the time they spent interacting with the store, the age of potential customers, and other demographic information.

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Benefits of Shoppable video

* Shorten the consumer buying process
Shoppable videos help to build emotional connections between customers and brand, thereby increasing consumer participation, shortening consumers’ decision-making and buying process paths.

* Increase conversion rate
Creative videos combined with product details effectively attract consumers’ attention, improve customer experience, achieve guided purchases, thus increase conversion rates.

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Benefits of Google shopping ad

Mediaon also provides Google Shopping ad services to increase advertising conversion rates and optimize advertising budget. We will comprehensively manage yours, and combine our expertise and experience to increase your sales and returns with the most comprehensive advertising optimization.

* Increase investment return
By using Google shopping ads, you can increase your click through rate and reduce your cost-per-click.

* More accurate traffic
All people who click on your shopping ad have a clear intention to buy.

* Promote your online shop
Google shopping ads can display your products to potential customers and increase your turnover!

What we do

Facebook e-Shop

Setup Facebook e-shop, allows consumers to enter the store page, click the product and add to the shopping cart then checkout. It provides multiple distribute channels for your e-shop. You can also set up Facebook ad to create new business opportunities.

Shoppable Video

We provide production and creative for Shoppable videos on social media platforms. Rich audio-visual content and guided consumption video processes enable consumers to complete the checkout process at one go and create a new shopping experience.

Google Shopping Ad

In order to effectively set up a Google Shopping ad account, we will group the product brand and category into the campaign. Secondly, through specific queries, these campaign settings will be segmented to optimize advertising effectiveness.

Our services

Facebook e-Shop

Setup Facebook e-shop
Create Facebook fanpage
Link up the production details from your e-shop to Facebook e-shop
Facebook shopping ad settings
Facebook shoppable post settings
Monthly report

Shoppable Video

Video production and creative
Video promotion: YouTube ad, Facebook ad, Instagram ad,
Shoppable video ad settings
Monthly report

Google Shopping Ad

Setup Google Merchant Center
Setup Google Shopping Ads
Setup product details
Remarketing ad settings and optimization
Google shopping ad marketing planning
Monthly report

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