hina Marketing Marketing in China is a whole different ball game. They have their own platforms and tools, and the way that Chinese netizens use social channels is also different. MediaonAsia provides one-stop China Digital Marketing solutions, proficient in adapting to China’s cultural and societal idiosyncrasies as well as the technological differences. We know one size does not fit all in the China Digital World.



China Marketing is not an easy task when it comes to driving performance. Our team will monitor daily performance, bid keywords based on the true value of each consumer to maximize the results. We offer tailor-made ad campaigns for each customer instead of treating them using the same strategy.


“Without good analytics, 90% of online marketing campaigns fail.” Our team provides a complete target and planning analysis on each campaign being run, with in-tandem measures and consults, weekly to monthly reviews to make sure the performance is on track, thereby maximizing results.


Increasing conversion rates of your campaign is our mission. Our experts always share monthly reports with you to delineate progress or areas requiring change. Suggestion is also provided for improvements and better results, making sure your campaign will actually end up earning you far more than its originally costs.


  • China Digital Marketing Strategy
  • Wechat, Weibo Social Media Planning
  • China Digital Media Placement Service
  • Split Avert Testing and Ad Groups Management
  • Adjusting Campaigns to Increase CTR and Reduce CPC
  • Establishing Key Conversion Goals and Monitoring Processes
  • Monitoring Key Performance Indicators
  • Reporting and Recommendations

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Search Marketing
We offer keywords marketing strategy in Baidu, Sogou, 360 search engine. Our team will help you to place the ads in the most visible positions and secure them at the best price.
Banner Display
Our Display ad network connects to the most popular websites in China, your ad no matter it is banner ads, video ads, rich texts or visuals, they can will be exposed to the majority of China.
Social Media
When it comes to Chinese Social Media Marketing, you must use different tones to communicate with your Chinese audience on their own Social Media platforms, our team will help translating the tone and manner for you to match the Chinese audience.
Content Marketing
We help you creating buzz strategy for China and take over your viral content production and distribution to over 3000 forums and 600 bloggers, make sure you messages can be delivered to the right audience.
Video Marketing
Our create team makes videos to accommodate the China market, blasting videos on the popular video network in China such as Youku Tudou Tecent, PPTV and iqiyi. We also achieve specific goals and/or target markets of each individual client.
News Marketing
We create advertorial contents by using the right tones and manners for Chinese audience, will also help you find the best target audience, and all the platforms that will suit your brand.


Certified Tencent Partner

Tencent is the leading social and media platforms, clients can advertise their brands to hundreds of millions of users in China.

We Know the Market Well

Branches in China and we have dedicated team for following clients who wants to enter China market.

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