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A Chat with CEO – Social Media Tips you need to know 2018

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Jerry Chan, CEO of MediaonAsia. With over 16 years of experience in the Digital industry and a background in information technology, Jerry is particularly good at combining online and offline solutions to optimize business performances.

Up to Jan 2018, we have over 5.8 million active social media user in Hong Kong, which is almost 80% of Hong Kong people are browsing Social Media Platform every day and over 70% of them are unique mobile social users.

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Some people might say ‘I have already posted a significant amount of feeds per day on Social Media Platform and advertised but not efficient at all, so I don’t it works for my brand.’

To me, I would say Social Media Marketing is one of my favourite promoting channels and according to the data, obviously social media strategy is a must in your marketing plan. Here are some tips for you.

1.       Make good use of Social Media Influencers & Micro-Influencers

In the old days, brands hiring celebrities as ambassador to promote their service or product could be the only way for branding, nowadays there is a more reasonable solution like hiring social media influencers or micro-influencers, who are celebrities in their own circles.

However, before taking action, please beware of FAKE influencers.
We do enjoy working with real influencers and content creators. However there are some bad ones who only want to enjoy the advantages from the brands but nothing is given in return, so before starting the influencer marketing we should do more research on the targeted influencers base, as we should focus on quality spread out instead of quantity. Because genuine influencers are not about the number but being decisive.

2.       Don’t be afraid of advertising
Organic reach is dead, sadly to say it from the beginning, but please allow me to explain. To get organic reach nowadays is a mission impossible, over 50% contents may get zero shares and less than 0.1% will be shared over 1,000 times if you are not promoting it*. Besides having great content, having a social media advertising budget is like having electricity and a phone for your business. You cannot operate without them. Having the right advertising plan can help you increase your social following, boost the reach of your organic posts and drive sales.

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3.       Highlights the post you want to boost in stories (Instagram)
Have you ever tried the Instagram Stories Highlights yet?  It could let your brand showcase your best stories and post them permanently on your Instagram profile. This feature is super valuable for brands because, unlike self-destructing Story content, Stories Highlights can be saved, reposted, and measured for long-term performance. You can organize your own Stories Highlights however you want before you post, whether it’s by theme, campaign, or date.

4.       Review your current strategies FREQUENTLY
A solid strategy will help you determine your budget, by continuously evaluating the process, you can effectively cut out what’s not working and push forward with what does.

5.       More Live Streaming to come

Live video is nothing new, but it’s growing exponentially. Lately, everyone wants a piece of Facebook Live – in fact, 80% of users said they’d rather watch a live video than read a blog post, while according to Facebook, live video gets 3 times more views than regular video content.
On Instagram, it is now let users and brands broadcast live with a guest in a split screen format. If your broadcast receives a lot of engagement, you could end up in Instagram’s Search and Explore tab, so make sure you have two different contents created on both sides to utilize the benefits.

So yeah! Social Media is an amazing platform for small business to big brands, but also getting harder to achieve engagement nowadays because of rules changing and new products launching. To manage all your social media in one place, a reliable digital agency is needed.

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Key takeaway today
1 Social Media Influencers & Micro-Influencers are your friends in branding
2. Organic reach is dying so don’t be afraid of advertising
3. Utilize Instagram Story Highlights
4. Reviewing your current strategies FREQUENTLY
5. More Live Streaming to come and get more advanced

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